About June Edward
 Relationship Coach

June Edward has helped hundreds of couples reunite with the person they are meant to be with, and saved hundreds of relationships. 

The primary relationship however is with yourself. Nothing in life changes until you do. When you change the way you view things, and understand that for every action there is a greater reaction, you can begin to change not just your situation, but all the people around you as well. 

June has spent years developing a "course", that is tried and true, and has amazing results in changing peoples lives. The work however, is on you. There is no magic wand or easy fix. You need to do the work to get the results!

Comments from students.......

Highly recommend
I have only been in the program 2 weeks and so far June has been spot on! She has helped me so much in so many ways! Soon as I started doing like she was teaching my husband messaged me out of the blue over something from a YEAR ago! A couple days later he send me a song about how no matter what he still loves me! I have tried everything I knew to do to fix my marriage and this has been the best thing for me! I highly recommend her!!
Amy Mar 7, 2020

Amazingly insightful
This class had had such a huge impact on my life. Complete perspective change going forward with, not just future relationships, but my future in general. New direction. New optimism. New Me. Thanks June!!!
Michael P Oct 24, 2020

Great Relationship Course!!
Since I started the relationship course, my life started to change quickly in a really good way! I feel so much more in control of my emotions and have developed a strong belief that I can and will have what I want in a relationship in only a few short weeks. It's great to have June's support and insight. This relationship coaching is the big push I needed to move in the direction of my dreams!
Ruth Regan May 11, 2020

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