Most of Our Decisions are Made From Fear
Written by June Edward 01/01/2019
No one is born with a book on how to navigate life or relationships. For the most part, we operate on what we learned growing up. If our parents fought about every little thing in their relationship, then for the most part, you probably will as well. Children learn what they live. They were your example, and it has a comfortable feeling for you in your relationship, because it's what you were used to. Does it make it healthy? Absolutely not.

For the most part, we make the decision to be with someone because we're afraid to be alone, or we're afraid to hurt them if we leave. For these reasons, many people stay in relationships that their miserable in.  This doesn't mean that you're with the person you belong with. You can learn how to break the cycle, and have a completely different communication style in your relationships, and have a much happier and healthier life. You need to first work on you. Will your current partner be able to change and move along with you? That remains to be seen.

If the relationship is meant to be, then yes, you'll always see a reaction to your action. If you end up growing beyond the relationship you're in , then you'll be able to magnetize into your life the person who will resonate with you and your new healthy lifestyle. Either way, you will be a happier healthier person, and on the path you're suppose to be on in life.

June Edward "The Massachusetts Medium"

June Edward helps people have the relationship of their dreams.  She is an expert at helping people change themselves to effect the change in their relationships, by using her psychic abilities, astrology, and making things super simple to understand and learn. She only works with one person in the relationship, because for every action there is a reaction, and in the end, it's about you! Schedule a qualifying call today, to see if you're a good fit for the program.
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